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Incredible Rare Cat Breeds You Will Fall in Love With

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Discover some of the most amazing-looking cats and see what makes them so unique. These rare cat breeds might be hard to find, but they're a must-know for any cat lover.

Cats are about the most familiar furry companions we have. After all, we've had thousands of years of co-habitation to get ourselves accustomed with every little quirk and different coat pattern of these lovely creatures. We recognise their sleek fur, the long tail or the pointy ears straight away. Their looks, no matter how distinguished they are, come as no surprise to us.

Yet if we start to look closely into the huge feline family photo album, we will discover that not all kittens seem to have gotten the cat dress code memo. These are the rare cat breeds. For these felines fur seems to be optional, the familiar pointy ears just a cliché and the eye colour is a description not a shade.

Thanks to selective breeding or just good old genetics, we have a bunch of unusual cat breeds we can admire and fall in love with. Here they are!



Their nearly hairless body has made this rare cat breed a superstar among kittens.

Immediately recognised as unique amongst its feline cousins, Sphynx cats often have personalities true to their superstardom status - they love the attention they get and particularly from humans. Their peculiar looks include wrinkled skin, tall ears and no whiskers or eyelashes.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind cat, so expect to be starstruck in its rare presence.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cats offer us another original take on a common anatomical feature. These kittens prefer their ears folded forwards. Interestingly they are not born this way. In the first few weeks of life, these cats look no different to your next door cat. But sometime after day 21 of their kittenhood, these balls of fur decide to get their rare cat breed credentials as their ears start to get folded.

And just to add to their cuteness, another distinguishing feature in their bag of tricks is the "Buddha sleeping position". Don't expect these kittens to curl up too often for a cuddle when they need a good night sleep. They prefer to sit with their back straight and their legs stretched out. No worries, there are plenty of cuddles coming your way during their waking hours as these cats are extremely gentile and affectionate.


Japanese Bobtail

These kittens are good luck charms back in Japan, their home country, and they are the inspiration behind the popular manga character Hello Kitty. But what truly makes them part of the rare cat breed club is their tail. People are still divided on whether the little stub they have for tail can actually be called a tail or not, but one thing is for certain - the Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest cat breeds and a friendly and intelligent companion.


Selkirk Rex

This laid-back cat is really at home amongst the unusual cat breed types. With their atypical curly hair that seems to be paying tribute to the 1980s human hair styles, the Selkirk Rex is a cat ready to stand out. They are large with a chunky build and come in a variety of colours. Their extremely sweet nature makes them the perfect addition to the family.


Turkish Angora

Graceful but full of energy, the rare cat breed Turkish Angora has some pretty stunning members, among which the white cat with multi-coloured eyes is the one to catch most admiring eyes. These delicate creatures are considered a treasure by their lucky owners. It's not just their unique looks that make them a favourite in any household they're in, it's also the loving and playful personality that turns them into children's best friends instantly.

American Curl Cat

These cute kittens come in a myriad of colours, but there is something very kitten-unlike about their looks. They have forgone the usual pointy cat ears for an original signature look - the curled ears.

The American Curl Cats originate from California where they started being bred in the 1980s. If their appearance makes them one of the most unusual cat breeds, their personality is also worthy of attention. They are quiet but extremely playful which has earned them their adorable nickname -the Peter Pan of felines.

With so many unusual cat breeds, no doubt you'll never take any cat's looks for granted again.

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