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Black Bombay cat sitting on a step.

7 Awesome Black Cat Breeds You'll Want to Take Home

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Black cats are friendly, playful, effortlessly elegant and have a lot of love to give. Discover some of the most popular black cat breeds here.

Black cats have had a rough time compared to other cats. Through no fault of their own, black cats became known as the pets of witches a few centuries ago, and their bad reputation has created superstition and fear around them.

To this day, some people are still fearful of crossing paths with a black cat, while some Instagram-conscious cat owners keep away from black cat breeds for fear that they don't photograph well.

This means that black cats end up waiting the longest to find a loving home in animal shelters everywhere, so we think it's high time to show these cats some much-deserved love. Forget everything you think you know about black cat breeds and join us in falling in love with their beautiful coats and gentle natures.


7 amazing black cat breeds

1. Bombay - a breed for black cats only

If you're looking forward to endless kitty cuddles on the couch, there is one black cat breed that will be happy to comply. It's the Bombay cat, a kitten truly dedicated to the colour black - their glossy coats come in this shade only. Bred to resemble their distant relative, the panther, the Bombay cat has a truly stunning appearance. Big, bright eyes and a smooth coat that has never known a "bad fur day" - what's not to like? These stunning black cats crave plenty of attention and will give lots of love in return. Plus, these cats like to say what's on their mind too, so be ready for all those lovely purrs about to come your way.

2. Oriental - a black cat worthy of all your attention

Whether you're a fan of black shorthair cats or you prefer longhair cats instead, Oriental cats come in both hairstyles so you can take your pick. These slender cat breeds are full of energy, extremely devoted and affectionate, so you'll often find them peeking over your shoulder or greeting you at the door with sincere enthusiasm.

They just have to make sure their favourite person (aka you) gives them all the attention they can get. We’re certain you’ll fall in love with the quality time you can spend with this amazing black cat.

3. Sphynx - the playful black cat

Don't mind the serious expression - the Sphynx black cat is quite the jokester. Get to know them better and you'll think they're fresh off their tour with Cirque du Soleil's acrobats. There is nothing stopping these total show-offs from jumping from tables to door tops and anything else in between. Best known for their lack of fur, this black cat breed will not wreak havoc on carpets and clothes, but they do require a good-deed grooming prize in return in the form of weekly sponge baths. These kittens are such divas but we're sure you'll be drawn in by their bold personality!

4. Ragamuffin - the family black cat

If you are looking for a family cat, this longhair black cat breed is the friendly and patient furball you have been hoping for. Kids will love them and these cats won't mind the attention one bit. Ragamuffins are a type of Ragdoll cat breed, and are truly gentle cats and will sometimes show you their loving nature by letting their whole body go totally limp as soon as you hold them in your arms - that's how they got their names! Their extremely soft coat and those big, expressive eyes will have the whole family charmed.

5. Chantilly-Tiffany - a black cat that likes to talk

The Chantilly-Tiffanies out there are a joy to behold. Sweet, furry and chatty, these black cats will charm the socks off anyone in their vicinity. A proud member of the longhair black cat family, the Chantilly-Tiffany is not prone to mischievous behaviour and requires only occasional grooming. They are definitely not the kind of cats to ever refuse a cuddle and their calm demeanour makes them the perfect companion for both children and adults alike.

6. Persian – the black cat star

Persian cats easily win the hearts of their owners, making them one of the most popular black cat breeds. Their docile nature makes them perfect for homes with children or for seniors looking for a sweet and discreet kitten.

But they can also be extremely playful and love to have fun with their owners. They're best for people who aren't intimidated by high-maintenance pets, as this this longhair black cat requires to keep her coat (and your home) in tip-top condition. But if you have the time to spend indulging them, they might just be the perfect companion.

7. Exotic - the black cat with teddy bear looks

Many owners think their Exotic cats are the perfect shorthair black cats and why wouldn't they? These cats have a thick coat that's more akin to a teddy bear's fur. They are affectionate, loyal and if you like peace and quiet at home, they don't tend to be very vocal neither. No wonder why these kittens have become one of the most popular black cat breeds.

Hopefully by now you are convinced that there is more to black cats than their coat. They are friendly, playful, effortlessly elegant and have a lot of love to give. In other words, get ready for plenty of cuddles.

And if you need an extra reason to love black cats, it turns out that what gives cats their sleek black coat is a genetic mutation that also protects them from certain diseases such as Alzheimer's or cancer. Scientists have already enlisted the help of a few trusted charcoal felines to look for ways to combat the same illnesses in humans. If successful, these dark kittens' mysterious ways will be far from the bad omen we once feared. Who knows, they might be our ultimate lucky charm.

If you don't have a black cat in your life yet, check your local animal shelters to adopt a new cat. A good tip is to avoid the Halloween period as some shelters pause their adoptions for a few days to try and protect black cat breeds from being hurt by zealous trick or treaters. But the rest of the year is yours to go find that loving black cat companion eager to go home with you.

Find your perfect cat with our extensive breed library or use our cat breed selector to match you with the ideal cat. And if you're already planning to adopt, make sure you check our popular guidelines for getting a kitten and bringing a new kitten home.