FELIX® Adult - As Good As It Looks - Doubly Delicious - Fish Selection in Jelly

FELIX® Adult - As Good As It Looks - Doubly Delicious - Fish Selection in Jelly


Size: Multi-pack (12x100g)

FELIX® As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious is a range of tasty meals made with two different types of tender meat or fish in a yummy jelly. Each recipe looks and smells so meaty, it looks like food you might have cooked yourself.

That’s not all! Every serving is a source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids and has the right combination of balanced minerals and vitamins to satisfy 100% of your cat’s daily needs. Please see the feeding guidelines.

Feeding Info

  • Feeding guide for an average adult cat (1-7 years, 4kg).
  • 3-4 pouches per day in at least 2 separate meals.
  • Serve at room temperature. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.
  • The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body weight.

Healthy Goodness

FELIX® - Irresistible taste that provides 100% of your cat's daily needs! Wouldn't you want to give your cat irresistible meals every day that is full of healthy goodness? All the FELIX® recipes in our range are made from high quality, delicious ingredients that all clever cats demand in a nutritionally balanced diet.

But, that's not all.
FELIX® recipes also contain all the proteins, vitamins and minerals a healthy cat needs. To completely satisfy 100% of your cat's daily needs*. * Please make sure you follow the feeding guidelines as outlined in the Feeding Guide.