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Felix Sensations

Discover meals with an irresistible twist with our Felix Sensations cat food range. Available in a selection of tasty flavours.
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Treat your feline to a diet that’s a little bit extra special with our Felix Sensations cat food selection. Available in a wide range of exciting flavour combinations that are sure to taste deliciously different for your cat. Discover our Extras Meaty Selection which combines tender meaty pieces in jelly with a touch of cheese or bacon, our Sensations Crunchies, a tasty wet cat food topped with a crispy surprise and our Sensations Jellies, a range of wet diets with flavourful jellies. Each and every recipe in our Felix Sensations cat food range is made with quality ingredients for a complete and balanced meal that tastes irresistible to your feline. Looking for even more tasty Felix cat food? Browse our As Good As It Looks range and discover meals that, well, taste as good as they look!