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Short-Haired Dog Breeds for Tangle-Free Cuddles

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Are short-haired dogs your favourite? Whether you like tangle-free coats better or it’s the low-maintenance part of owning a dog that doesn’t need daily brushing that’s appealing to you, there are plenty of canines that won’t give you a hairy problem as soon as they walk through the door. Here are some of the most gorgeous smooth-haired dog breeds out there.

The amazing tangle-free short-haired dog breeds

Great Dane

This gentle giant is a sweetheart who gets along with everyone, pet or human. Despite their size, the Great Dane is not overly energetic, making them easier to manage.

But plenty of space is still required if you want them as a pet. If you’re expecting a low-maintenance short-haired dog, you should know that their coat still needs regular brushing to remain healthy.


Short-haired, sturdy and a bit of a show-off, the Pug is a treasured pet with a history that goes back a few thousand years. They’re old souls indeed that seem to know every trick in the book, or at least be able to learn them in no time. In between play sessions, they’re happy sitting still for hours in the lap of their favourite human.

Boston Terrier

The coat needs minimal attention, but not the same can be said about its owner. The Boston Terrier draws plenty of admiring looks thanks to their big personality and gentleman-inspired style. After all, they’re known for their tuxedo-like colour pattern and affectionate nature that wins humans’ hearts in no time. If you want a lovely, smooth-haired dog you can get away with brushing once a week, put the Boston Terrier on the list.

Labrador Retriever

You’re in luck: one of the most popular breeds out there is the short-haired Labrador Retriever! It’s tough to find a fault when it comes to this amazing dog. They’re bright, friendly, loyal and are excellent at their job whether they take on a search-and-rescue mission, look after other people as therapy pets or stay our canine best friend for life. With such a brilliant spirit by your side, even the most high-maintenance fur would be a small price to pay for their company. But these short-haired dogs don’t actually need that much grooming time.


Instantly recognisable thanks to their unique black and white spots, the Dalmatian is a lovely dog, but they do keep owners on their toes. If you choose to welcome this highly intelligent and extremely active breed to the family, get ready to be a hands-on pet owner. This short-haired dog needs only weekly brushing, but be aware that there will be lots of shedding with a Dalmatian in your home. At least, they’re tangle-free!


This happy, fun-loving canine keeps us hooked with their big, brown eyes. Beagles thrive in the company of humans, making them one of the most adored pet companions.

Their spunky personality sometimes gets them into trouble, but there’s plenty of canine charm to compensate for any playful misdeeds. The Beagle is a smooth-haired dog that sheds, but vacuuming regularly should take care of most loose hairs in your home.


The Greyhound is a short-haired dog breed best known for their impressive running speeds (up to 45 miles/hour). Luckily, they don’t expect a sprinting competition every time they get out the door. In fact, they’re quite happy lounging on the couch with their owner for most of the day. And if you’re not keen on spending too much time looking after the dog’s coat, this is a breed that doesn’t shed that much and doesn’t even need brushing. Keep them clean by wiping them with a damp cloth every now and then.


We’re lucky that such a lively dog comes in a little package. This small, short-haired dog breed is a confident and fearless protector with ideas of their own when it comes to what rules apply to them. Luckily their shiny coat doesn’t need much grooming and it doesn’t shed too much, so owners can instead spend their time cuddling their Dachshund and being entertained by their mischievous behaviour.


This dashing dog is still a hunter at heart with lots of energy, confidence and constantly looking for a job. But if you’re up for the task, the Weimaraner will show their friendly and obedient side with training and early socialisation. They’re a wonderful companion and an excellent family dogs. Luckily their short hair is almost maintenance-free as the occasional brushing takes care of most grooming needs.

Other short-haired dogs that will love to keep you company

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