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Why is freshly frozen chicken/lamb/salmon better?

Purina has shown that using selected cuts of freshly frozen chicken provides higher protein and fat digestibility and amino acid availability than poultry meal (data on file).

It is not enough to know how much of a nutrient is present in the food, but rather how much of that nutrient is bioavailable.

BIOAVAILABILITY is the amount of nutrient that is not only absorbed from the intestinal (or digestive) tract but also available in a form that is useable by tissues.

DIGESTIBILITY is the amount of a nutrient present in food that is absorbed in the body. The digestibility of a nutrient is obtained by measuring how much of the nutrient is transported out of the body. It does not measure the amount of nutrient that is actually available for use by target tissues.

While both digestibility and bioavailability are generally accepted techniques to determine the nutrient value of food, bioavailability is considered a more sensitive measure. Nutrient bioavailability means getting the most out of food. The higher the bioavailability, the more nutrients pass through the intestinal wall and go to work nourishing the pet’s cells and tissues. Optimal health depends on the pet’s cells being completely nourished.

Purina has proved with a scientific study that our Purina Pro Plan products deliver higher nutrient levels and bioavailability.