Things smart cats can do

Many are the tales about cats; some tell of their impressive aptitudes, and others warn against deceptive behavior. What’s undeniable, though, is that some smarter cats are capable of impressing. In this article, we shed light on a few facts that prove cats are smart animals:

  • Cats have a tremendous ability to explore new environments.
  • Cats have phenomenal problem-solving skills, which they continuously improve on through storing information and innovating solutions.
  • Cats have the ability to learn how to perform some actions—such as closing cupboards, ringing the doorbell, shutting the lights and using the bathroom. Cats, like children, pick up skills through close observation and imitation, just like children.
  • Although cats are mostly aloof, they’ve got an incredible ability to integrate and adapt to hierarchy.
  • Meowing is one of the ways cats communicate with humans.
  • Like dogs, it’s possible to train cats to perform tricks—such as shaking your hand, fishing, playing an instrument or dancing.

It is not difficult to develop your cat’s mental abilities. All you need to do is to be patient and incentivize her using treats she loves. We recommend you choose Purina cat food, made with real, high-quality ingredients and carefully blended with supreme protein sources and essential nutrients that support balanced nutrition, promote lifelong whole body health, and satisfy your cat.