Keep your cat safe and your house neat with these tips

Cats are naturally curious creatures. Built for activity, they love to explore their environment. However, excessive movement can lead to your cat hurting herself or getting stuck in a tight space.
As a cat owner, one of the most important missions you must be committed to is keeping your pet safe. However, make sure also to protect your personal belongings. Read on for some top tips on how you can do that, brought to you by 3a2ilati.

  • Lock your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to make sure that your cat isn’t able to reach their contents.
  • Keep your medicine, makeup, balms, creams and cleaning products in a safe place, inaccessible by your cat.
  • Store your trash can inside a cabinet and make sure it’s always covered.
  • Keep your cat safe by making sure she isn’t able to go into any holes, cracks or tight spaces. Close off the ones you think might pose a threat.
  • Check your washing machine before you switch it on and make sure your cat isn’t spending leisure time in there.
  • Make sure all food and leftovers are somewhere your cat cannot reach.
  • Don’t use a tablecloth so that your cat doesn’t tug at it and create a mess.
  • Store your laundry and shoes in a closed space, so your cat isn’t compelled to have too much fun with the buttons and shoelaces.
  • Make sure to put away home appliances, electronics and wires so that your cat doesn’t chew on them. You can hide wires under carpets or even tape them to the floor.
  • Make sure your children’s toys and those of your cat don’t mix.
  • Store your precious items and trinkets in an enclosed, safe space.
  • Place your plants on an elevated platform or on the windowsill, for some flora can poison your cat.
  • Don’t hang your plants on the wall so that your cat doesn’t try to climb and knock them down.
  • Make sure that your ventilation system components are covered.
  • Keep your sewing kit or any tools you use for crafts away from your cat.
  • Invest in a scratch pad to keep your cat entertained and get her mind off the furniture.