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How it's made

How it's made

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PURINA factories are certified with FSCC 22000

All PURINA factories are certified with FSCC 22000, which is a worldwide recognised food safety standard. In this context, our pest management is fully in line with the standards set for food factories. Because of the sensitivity of our products, (pet food is also enjoyed by insects), Purina teams have developed a high level of expertise and follow the highest standards in pest management to prevent infestation of our products.

In addition to following the highest standards in pest management, we take other actions to prevent infestation of our products:

Packaging selection
We are committed to offering consumers the best possible product experience, especially in their homes, however, insects have a tendency to crawl their way into any packs. This is why we want to make sure that our packaging design and handling is perfect to stop insects from getting in. To ensure this, PURINA has developed a unique way to challenge current packs and validate new ones by assessing how live insects could contaminate them.

Working with external experts
PURINA is a recognised expert in this area - both internally and externally - but we must continue to lead by developing new knowledge and engaging with key opinion leaders to shape the future of pest management for pet food. In this context, we are working with the University of Milano to validate best-in-class, insect-proof packaging and new ways to track / anticipate infestation risks.

Working with retailers
More than 80% of the complaints we receive from our consumers are linked to non-optimal practices at our retailers’ warehouses or even at the points of sales. To help our partners, Purina is providing simple guidance and training materials they can use to build capability across their own networks. For example, we have developed simple fliers our Sales Force can share with retailers. Apart from that, each time we meet our local teams, we make sure we educate them on how infestation can influence our consumers’ experience.