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Your Pet, Our Passion.

Director of Nestlé Purina Innovation Centre @Purina



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Our experts are making discoveries that improve the cats & dogs live

The Purina Innovation team is composed of over 500 scientists located across the globe and representing a breadth of disciplines including veterinarians, nutritionists, animal behaviourists, microbiologists, nutritional biochemists, immunologists, food scientists, palatability experts and genomic specialists. Our team of experts are dedicated to making discoveries that improve the lives of cats and dogs worldwide.

The distinctive expertise of this network provides the foundation for Purina to respond to ever-changing pet and consumer needs. Our scientists continuously explore, discover and develop groundbreaking solutions leading to innovative products that make important advances in pet health and well-being, enriching the lives of pets, delighting consumers and strengthening the bond between owners and their pets. In the Purina Innovation Centres, scientists evaluate new concepts through feeding studies with cats and dogs. These nutrition studies cover areas such as palatability, digestibility and waste management. Pets’ reactions, likes and dislikes are key to determining the recipes that go to market. We study what they eat, which foods they prefer, their physical condition, their enthusiasm, etc. Their input is vital to the appeal and success of our products.

Our studies use only pet appropriate procedures that meet high standards of excellence in veterinary care. None include invasive techniques or harm our dogs and cats. In our facilities, we maintain pleasant settings where staff and pets bond, work and play. We believe every one of our resident pets deserves the kind of care that a loving owner gives. Our on-site veterinarians offer comprehensive health services, and all of our pets are coupled with devoted, well-trained caregivers who interact with them every day. Each of our pets has a name, receives individual attention, and is treated with respect and affection by the entire staff. Socialization and daily interaction are integral in our pet enrichment programs, which include training, group play and free access to toys. When a resident pet reaches the point of retirement, our Purina Pet Care Center Adoption Program places it with a carefully matched family for many more years of a mutually rewarding relationship.

Our innovation efforts do not stop with nutrition. With teams of experts in manufacturing, engineering and process technology, and scientists with expertise in palatability, we continuously invest in new technologies and effective proprietary processes to manufacture pet foods that are leading-edge in nutrition, palatability, quality and safety for dogs and cats.

Years of research have resulted in over 2,500 granted and pending patents worldwide.

In 2018 the Purina Institute was launched to represent Purina R&D Community. Its goal is to put nutrition at the forefront of conversations about pet health. The Purina Institute shares Purina research and the latest scientific findings in pet nutrition to enable veterinarians and other pet professionals to make nutrition a foundational element of their conversations with pet owners.It also connects with the most innovative minds in pet health, promoting collaboration across the globe and facilitating an exchange of knowledge.

We’re always looking for new ways to challenge traditional thinking and bring more innovation to pet care. We look forward, learning from the latest trends and insights to ask what’s next? This requires being aware of and involved in the latest scientific developments, to anticipate how nutrition can impact health 10-15 years or more in the future.

With unique and exceptional capabilities, the Purina Innovation Network has a rich heritage in nutritional science and is a vital part of the wider Nestlé Research & Development Network.