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10 Amazing Grey Cat Names

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Here is some inspiration to help you find that perfect name for your new grey kitten. These are some of our favourite grey cat names.

Is there a new grey cat about to join the family? Oh, the joys of having a fur ball meowing "hello" to you every day! But first things first. What are you going to call the lucky kitten? Just because grey is a rather sombre-looking colour it doesn't mean you have to settle for a dull name. Here are some of our favourite grey cat names. Whatever moniker you pick from the list below, it's guaranteed to fit a stunning grey kitty to a T.


1. Tom: the most famous grey cat name of all time

Remember sitting mesmerised in front of the telly watching Jerry mercilessly tease Tom day in and day out? Now that you've got a Tom of your own, why not pay tribute to the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons that kept you entertained during childhood. Bring those memories back with this beloved grey cat name.


2. Dorian (Gray): the grey cat name for all the handsome kittens out there

Dorian Gray's youthful beauty might just be the inspiration you need to come up with that cool grey cat name you are after. This famous character has the homonym for the colour grey in his last name after all - just perfect for that stunner kitty strutting their beautiful grey fur all around the house.

3. Gracie: the popular female cat name for grey felines

Gracie is one of those kitty names that comes with a full list of great meanings attached. From beauty to kindness or mercy, Gracie is a true power-house of positive vibes.

Plus, it sounds similar to your cat's fur colour. Start calling her Gracie a few times and see if your female grey cat agrees. If you get a positive response, you're on to a winner!

4. Cinderella: a grey cat name worthy of your feline princess

Since cinder is grey and your cat is a true princess - Cinderella is definitely a match. The beloved fairy-tale heroine name has served as good inspiration for cat owners all over the world. You can shorten it to "Cindy", "Cinder", "Ella" or just go straight for "Princess" when you feel like your kitty deserves that extra praise just for being fabulous.


5. Ashley: a perfect name for both male and female grey cats

If you are looking for a name that hints at the lovely hue your cat's fur sports regardless of season or lighting, Ashley has the chromatic undertones you are looking for. A derivative of the word "ash", Ashley is perfect for both male and female cats with furs of a light grey similar to the ash powder.


6. Tinsel: a festive grey cat name that will bring joy all year round

If you're getting ready to welcome home a kitty with shiny grey coat and always in a mood to celebrate - there's no better name for a glowing ball of fur than Tinsel. This grey cat name might not seem an obvious choice for kitten monikers, but say it out loud a few times and you'll soon think it was specially created for your cat.


7. Dusty: an endearing name for grey cats of all shades

Any grey feline can pull off Dusty as their name. No matter how deep or how light the greys in their coat, this grey cat name is definitely going to suit their looks. Give it a go!


8. Moonstone: a precious gem-inspired name for a special kitten

The playful glimmer in the moonstone is a great inspiration for an energetic kitty looking for a name to match. And if you add the healing effect that gem enthusiasts attribute to this lucky stone, you've just stumbled across the perfect name for your grey cat.


9. Lloyd: a cat name that means grey in Welsh

Who says you can't borrow your grey cat name from another language? If going straight for "Grey" is a bit too much on the nose, why not choose the Welsh version of the colour. Lloyd is a great name. It's short and easy to say. Plus the meaning behind it is a cool subtle nod to your cat's stunning looks.


10. Rain: a cute grey cat name for both male and female kittens

Your cat doesn't have to be permanently in a gloomy mood for this name to make sense to a new cat owner. More than the meteorological phenomenon itself, it's actually this meaning many cat owners have in mind when choosing it for their kittens.

The fact that your cat's coat resembles the gloomy skies on a rainy day is just an added bonus. Plus, you don't have to stick to the normal spelling of rain either. Why not turn Rain into Rayne or Rainn for the chic version of the name.

Hopefully by now you've already found the perfect name for your grey cat. When in doubt, always include your kitten in the name choosing process. There is no better way to test a moniker than hearing it out loud and watching your cat's reaction to it. Once you've got the name figured out, make sure your kitten has all the cat essentials they need to settle in straight away and check that your home is ready for the new family member with our cat-proofing tips.