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Small fluffy Pomeranian sitting on the rock and smiling

9 Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

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Small fluffy dogs have a unique charm that can captivate just about anyone’s heart. Their luxurious locks paired with their diminutive stature means that their appearance can range from elegant to almost teddy bear like, so it’s no wonder that so many small fluffy dog breeds have been firm favourites of royalty throughout the years.

If you want a small fluffy dog in your life, keep reading and find out about nine breeds that are so adorable you’ll want to cuddle them right now!


1. Pomeranian

One of the most popular small fluffy dogs, the Pomeranian, has a charmingly foxy face as well as oodles of fluff. Queen Victoria fell in love with the breed in the 19th century and ever since they’ve been a firm favourite when it comes to toy types- and it’s easy to see why. With their vivacious personalities and high intelligence, they’re great fun, easy to train and make excellent watchdogs. Just watch out for them around larger dogs as they can sometimes have a big dog personality!


2. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small white fluffy dog with a sweet teddy bear like appearance. They’re happy companion dogs that are full of mischief and love to play. What’s more, Bichons are also remarkably smart, highly trainable and are regularly successful in anything from obedience to even agility.

3. Shih Tzu

With a name that means little lion, this is a small fluffy dog that just had to make our list. Extremely good-natured and friendly, the Shih Tzu has been a companion and lapdog since ancient times. This regal looking pooch has glorious locks which are often clipped shorter to make their coat easier to maintain.


4. Maltese

The Maltese is a small fluffy dog breed with silky white fur that flows from head-to-toe and -when trotting- they have an incredibly graceful gait and almost seem to float along. With black eyes and a cute black button nose, this breed is incredibly cute, but don’t let that fool you – they’re fearless. Maltese dogs make excellent watchdogs and have even turned their paw to agility!


5. Havanese

Often known as the ‘velcro dog’, the Havanese is a small fluffy dog that likes to spend most of their time literally stuck to their owner’s side. They’re incredibly cute with a long silky coat that dusts the floor when left to grow- but they’re not just for cuddling! These little fur balls are full of beans and have been employed as circus performers and even therapy dogs.


6. Papillion

Papillion means butterfly in French and when you glimpse them and their pointy ears with long hair that dramatically fans out in the shape of wings, you’ll soon see how they got the moniker. Happy to spend time cuddling with their favourite person, this fluffy dog breed is also bursting with energy and is highly trainable- so much so that they’re the number one toy breed in obedience competitions!


7. Lhasa Apso

Known as ‘bearded lion dogs’, the Lhasa Apso has a dramatic coat with a middle parting that sweeps the floor. Extremely elegant in appearance, this small fluffy dog was commonly used as a watchdog in palaces and monasteries, which makes them a fiercely loyal and protective companion to this day.

8. Coton de Tulear

Often mistaken for the Bichon Frise, the Coton de Tulear is actually a relative of them. This small white fluffy dog has a cottony-like coat (hence the name) and was bred for the sole purpose of being a companion - a job they excel in. They love being with people and will happily go with their owners just about anywhere and -with their charming personalities- you’ll be more than happy to take them with you!


9. Toy Poodle

Super cute with their bushy, curly coat and button likes noses, the Toy Poodle is a small fluffy dog breed that’s loved all over the world. The wonderful coat comes in a variety of different colours and owners will often have this clipped to make it easier to maintain. These fuzzy pups aren’t just cute to look at either, they’re as smart as their larger counterparts, highly trainable and love to be taught tricks.

That’s our guide to the best small fluffy dog breeds! Want to learn about larger dog types? Check out our list of our favourite 8 big fluffy dog breeds, next!