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Medium-Sized Dog Breeds

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If you are thinking of getting a medium-sized breed, but aren’t sure which one will suit you and your family- you’ve come to the right place. Somewhere between the tiny pups and the gentle giants of the canine world sit the most beloved medium-sized dogs. Discover them here.

Small dogs are cute but they can be quite feisty at times. Large dogs are protective but can be a handful and may just drive you crazy with their love for fetching games. Sometimes the best of both worlds is somewhere in the middle. These are the popular medium-sized dog breeds. Not too big, and not too small - they're just right!

The breeds on this list are all a similar size, but their personalities couldn't be more different. Here are some of the most lovable and friendly medium dog breeds.


Best medium-sized short haired dogs

Beagle – everyone’s buddy

If you want a medium-sized short haired dog who’s a friend to everyone in the family, a Beagle’s the perfect choice for you. Happy and outgoing, these cute dogs love their people, but they are prone to becoming destructive if they’re not entertained, so always be sure to provide adequate exercise and entertainment.

An important thing to note about the Beagle is that they’re scent hounds and have super powered noses, which can land them into a spot of trouble if you haven’t taught a reliable recall! Their impressive snouts have also seen them employed at airports across the USA sniffing out contraband, as their friendlier appearance makes them less intimidating than breeds such as German Shepherds!

Bulldog – don’t judge a book by its cover

Incredibly unique looking in appearance, the Bulldog is never mistaken for another breed of dog.

This medium-sized short haired dog breed has a wrinkly face and stocky build, and their appearance coupled with their history of a bull baiter have led many to believe that they’re aggressive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Any bulldog owner will tell you that they’re happy go lucky and crave fuss from their people, loving nothing more than to lounge on the sofa with them.

That being said, if you are thinking of getting a bulldog, it’s important to really do your research as this breed is more likely to suffer from skin conditions due to their many skin folds, and the Bulldog is also classed as brachycephalic because to their flat-face, making them prone to breathing problems.


Best fluffy medium-sized dogs

Keeshond – as fluffy as it gets

Perhaps one of the fluffiest medium-sized dog breeds, the Keeshond is a fantastic companion who adores spending time with family. Originally bred to be a companion and guardian for the barges and boats on Holland’s many canals and rivers, the Keeshond retains a lot of their guarding instincts and can also be prone to alert barking.

If left to their own devices for a long time, this breed may start barking for recreational purposes, so they’re not suited to families who spend a lot of time away from home and don’t want to take their four-legged friend everywhere with them!


Best medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs

Puli – the most unusual coat

One of the more unusual medium-sized dogs in appearance, the Puli is covered in naturally occurring cords which appear like dreadlocks. Due to their strange coat, they also don’t shed and their coat requires virtually no maintenance which makes them particularly well-suited to allergy sufferers. Historically, the Puli’s corded coat served to protect them when herding large flocks of sheep in the harsh conditions of the Hungarian plains and today, it’s made them a stand out in the show ring!

Standard Schnauzer – always in high spirits

Low dander, low shedding and low slobber, the Standard Schnauzer is one of the best medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs for people that suffer with allergies. They make brilliant companions as not only are they fearless and high-spirited, but they’re extremely intelligent too and love to be taught tricks. Plus, they come in two other size variants: miniature and giant, so you can choose the perfect sized Schnauzer to fit into your home and lifestyle.


Best medium-sized family dogs

Collie - protective

Ever since they were made famous the world over by the TV show Lassie, Collies have become stuff of legend. Today they are one of the most popular medium dog breeds and for good reason.

Collies can be extremely devoted to their human family, although, but being such intelligent dogs they can be a bit suspicious of strangers so it always best to keep an eye on them. You'll rarely hear them bark, but when they do it's more likely because they want to play! So, get them out for a walk or offer them an exhausting session of dog play - nothing makes them happier.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll need a brush at the ready because a Collie's luscious coat is prone to getting tangled. 

Cocker Spaniel - happy

Sitting on the smaller side of the medium-sized dog breeds group, the handsome and cheerful Cocker Spaniel will charm you instantly. They'll learn all the tricks you can show them, get along with everyone in the house and wag their tail every time they see you. What more could you wish for?

If you're looking for the cons of having a Cocker Spaniel in the family, their coat will need regular brushing is and maybe a visit to a professional dog groomer is needed every now and then. Make sure you also check their ears on a weekly basis as they can be susceptible to ear infections.

Basset Hound - relaxed

Laid back, gentle and ready to become fast friends with every member of the family, including children, the Basset Hound comes with all the joys of having a dog. Their long ears and mournful eyes make them instantly recognisable, but they're also well-known for their copious drooling so keep this in mind if you're squeamish about the sofa and the carpets.

The Basset Hound is a loyal companion, but expect to see their stubborn side as well from time to time, especially if they happen to sniff an interesting scent. They'll decide for themselves if it needs to be investigated further so it's best to keep them on a leash when going on walks.

If you think you've found your perfect dog in our medium dog breeds list above, congratulations! If you're still undecided, check out our picks for the smartest dog breeds and discover some of the calm dog breeds that love nothing more than to sit curled up next to you all day long.

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