Dogs : Exercise and weight management

Exercise and weight management

How to keep your dog happy and healthy

Keeping your dog in good shape

Playing with your dog in garden
Just like us, it’s not hard for dogs to put on a few extra pounds, especially as they get older and exercise less.
Dog laying down waiting to go for a walk
You love your dog just the way they are, so you probably won’t worry too much if they seem to put on just a few extra pounds. But from a health point of view, size really does matter!
Dog Retriever
You know your dog is unique, but did you know this extends to the way they use the nutrients and energy in their food? 
Keeping your dog fit and healthy
Every vet will tell you that prevention is better than cure. So in addition to a nutritious, balanced diet, you can make sure your puppy thrives by providing regular exercise and veterinary check-ups and effective dental care.