Ibizan Hound (Short/smooth coat)

Ibizan Hound (Short/smooth coat)
  • Category SizeMedium
  • SheddingLittle
  • Grooming RequirementsOnce a week
  • Alone1 to 3 hours
  • Other PetsMedium
  • VocalUsually quiet
  • AllergiesNo
  • Suitability As GuardLow
  • Dog Group Kennel ClubHound


The Ibizan Hound is a medium-sized, tall, short-coated or wirehaired dog with erect ears. They come in white, chestnut or 'lion' solid colours, or any combination of these. An adult Ibizan stands at 56-74cm approximately and weighs 19-25kg.


This breed is truly a living piece of history. The Ibizan Hound dog breed can trace its roots back to 4,000BC and beyond. Mostly associated with the time of the Great Pharaohs, the breed is depicted on many friezes, with the most notable icon being the Anubis. It would be true to say that the breed has not really changed in many thousands of years. Phoenician traders took the Ibizan Hound to the Balearic Islands, and to this day they can be found still working in Spain and its surrounding islands.


This is a very affectionate, sensitive breed. They are wonderfully loyal and make a good pet in the right home. However, this is not a breed for the fainthearted: they can be fairly vocal and adore company – this is not a breed that can be left for long hours.


The Ibizan Hound dog breed is generally hardy with few widely recognised health problems. Some neurological conditions are reported but do not appear to be common.


These dogs require lots of exercise – a couple of hours daily for adults. Once on the scent of game, they will run and run, so a reliable recall is essential and they should be exercised in safe areas with no traffic risks or other dangers.


Your dog's diet needs to have the right balance of all the main nutrient groups including a constant supply of fresh water. It's important to conduct regular body condition scores to ensure you keep your dog in ideal shape and remember to feed him at least twice daily and in accordance with the feeding guidelines of his particular food.


The Ibizan Hound is easy to groom, in both the short- or wire-haired varieties. A weekly brush should suffice with both coats.