German Short-Haired Pointer

German Short-Haired Pointer
  • Category SizeLarge
  • SheddingModerate
  • Grooming RequirementsOnce a week
  • Alone1 to 3 hours
  • Other PetsLow
  • VocalNot too noisy
  • AllergiesNo
  • Suitability As GuardMedium
  • Dog Group Kennel ClubGundog


The short-haired German Pointer is a large, muscular, noble-looking dog, with adult males standing between 58-64cm and females at 53-59cm. They weigh approximately 25-32kg. The short, flat coat comes in various combinations and patterns of liver, white and black.
Developed in Germany in the 19th century from tracking hounds and Pointer breeds – notably the Foxhound, the Schweisshund, the Spanish Pointer and the English Pointer – the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is one of the versatile Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) breeds, as it works on land and in water. One of the first of the HPR breeds to arrive in the UK from Germany, the German Pointer is a popular pet and companion as well as working gundog.


The short-haired German Pointer breed has keen hunting instincts and the energy to fulfil his original role as a working gundog. He makes a good companion for the active family who can attend to his needs and is known for being a loyal, gentle, loving, pet.


The short-haired German Pointer is generally a healthy breed. However, as with many breeds, they can suffer from various hereditary eye disorders and hip dysplasia (a condition that can lead to mobility problems). Eye testing and hip scoring of dogs prior to breeding is therefore important. Epilepsy is also seen more commonly in this breed.


The short-haired German Pointer is very active and needs at least two hours of daily exercise to expend some of his energy. If he doesn't get adequate free running and mental stimulation, he will become bored and destructive in the home. He enjoys retrieving from water as well as from land.


Large breed dogs, as well as having large appetites, benefit from a different balance of nutrients including minerals and vitamins compared to smaller-breed dogs.


The short coat is quite coarse in texture and is a little longer underneath the tail. It is very low-maintenance, requiring just a brush through once a week.