Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier
  • Category SizeSmall
  • SheddingLitle
  • Grooming RequirementsMore than once a week
  • AloneLess than 1 hour
  • Other PetsMedium
  • VocalVocal
  • AllergiesYes
  • Suitability As GuardMedium
  • Dog Group Kennel ClubTerrier


The Cesky Terrier is a small/medium-sized, short-legged dog standing at 25-32cm when fully grown and weighing 6-10kg. The ideal height for adult male dogs is 29cm and for females 27cm. The long coat comes in grey-blue or light brown.


A relatively new breed, this national dog of the Czech Republic was created by Frantisek Horak, a breeder and geneticist, in 1949. Horak enjoyed hunting and decided to cross the Scottish Terrier with a Sealyham Terrier, to produce a smaller dog that would work in a pack and also go to ground, fitting into burrows that defeated the Scottie and Sealyham. The Cesky Terrier dog breed was used for hunting everything from fox, rabbit and game to wild boar!


The Cesky Terrier is a gentle-natured terrier when it comes to people. He can be reserved with those he doesn't know, but is friendly with those he's acquainted with. His working instincts are still keen – he is a tough and agile dog, with a fair amount of energy and stamina. He can be stubborn, but with the right motivation can show off his versatility and has competed in the canine sports of obedience and agility.


The Cesky Terrier is generally a healthy dog. However in common with many smaller breeds, they can suffer from kneecaps that may temporarily slip out of place (luxating patellas).


The Cesky Terrier breed needs about an hour's exercise a day. His hunting instincts can come to the fore on an off-lead walk, so do ensure his recall is reliable before letting him off the lead in public areas.


Small dogs have a fast metabolism, meaning they burn energy at a high rate, although their small stomachs mean that they must eat little and often. Small-breed foods are specifically designed with appropriate levels of key nutrients and smaller kibble sizes to suit smaller mouths. This also encourages chewing and improves digestion.


Their medium-length, slightly wavy coat needs a fair amount of maintenance, though not as much as most terrier breeds, which are handstripped. The Cesky dog breed needs to be clipped every six to eight weeks and brushed at least once a week, with particular attention paid to the long hair on the face, legs and tummy.