Snack and treats for cats

As a cat-lover, you’ll know how tempting it can be to give your furry friend treats and titbits to eat alongside their main meals.

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Cats and milk

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Ever heard of the ‘cat that got the cream’? Tradition has it that cats love milk. But really, their digestive systems are not designed to cope with lactose (a type of natural sugar found in milk products). In fact, many cats will develop diarrhoea if fed cow’s milk.

Special cat milk is low in lactose to avoid these digestive upsets. But, as with all treats, this milk contains calories and this should be taken into account to keep their diets balanced. Special cat milk should not be used as a substitute for water either. If you do give your cat specially-formulated cat milk, you should reduce their overall calorie intake accordingly.

Cat treats

Treats or cat biscuits can be useful to give to your furry friend as rewards, and we all enjoy giving our pet a tasty treat to show how much we love them! Just remember to reduce your cat’s main meal accordingly if you do give cat treats, and choose cat treats that are nutritionally balanced to avoid upsetting their diet. For very young cats, kitten treats may be available but are not recommended. You can find out more about what to feed your kitten here. Make sure, with both main meals and treats, that your cat has access to clean, fresh drinking water throughout the day. Think about using some of the kibble from your cat’s main meal as a reward, especially if they are on a special diet for medical reasons or for weight loss, as treats may not be allowed. Check with your vet if you are unsure.


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