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Can Dogs Eat Pears?

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Pears are deliciously sweet and juicy fruits that are rich in antioxidants and minerals. As they’re so good for us humans, it may have caused you to stop and think “can dogs eat pears?”

Keep reading to find out if your pup can join in the next time you’re enjoying this nutritious and delicious snack and if pears are good for dogs.


Can dogs eat pears?

The answer is yes- dogs can have pears! They’re fine for them to have as an occasional treat so you can save your pup a slice next time you’re tucking into the ripe green fruit. Just be aware that not all dogs like fruits, so don’t be surprised if your four-legged friend isn’t interested. And always make sure that you chop the pear into small, bitesize pieces and try giving your dog a small bit first to see how they react.


Can dogs eat canned pears?

No, dogs can’t eat canned pears as these are stored in juices which are very high in sugar and may irritate their digestive tract and give them a very upset stomach. Too many sugary foods can also lead to obesity and tooth decay, so it’s best to limit fruit consumption in general and stay away from canned fruits in particular.


Are pears good for dogs?

Pears are high in vitamin C and K as well as fibre, but as they’re also very high in sugar and we only recommend feeding a small amount, your dog won’t necessarily benefit from any of these things. But don’t worry, they’ll get everything they need to thrive from a complete and balanced diet.

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Can puppies eat pears?

Yes, a small piece of fresh pear is fine to offer your puppy, just be sure to only offer a small amount and only feed them the flesh, not the skin.


How to feed pears to dogs

Before you offer pear to your dog, always make sure they’re fresh and ripe. Wash the pear first, cut off a bitesize piece, and be sure to avoid the stalk as this can be a choking hazard and can be difficult for your dog to pass through their digestive tract. Also ensure you remove any seeds and leaves as these contain trace amounts of cyanide.

Make sure you only ever give pears in moderation and ensure your pup’s treat intake doesn’t account for more than 10% of their daily calories. For small dogs, a bitesize piece is fine every now and again, but if you’re unsure, ask your vet. If your pet is diabetic, always avoid pears and other sweet fruits as these are high in sugar.

So now you know that dogs can eat pears and how to offer them. Want more great feeding advice and to find out what other fruits your dog can eat? Learn if dogs can eat strawberries next.