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Do cats like music?
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Videos for Cats to Watch

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Bring some excitement into your pet’s life with these videos for cats including the all-time favourite mice, birds and squirrels. Don’t be surprised if your cat can’t help but press the subscribe button.

No doubt your kitty is delighted to have found a safe and comfortable haven in your home. There is plenty of food, warmth and, fortunately, not a lot of danger lurking around the corner of the living room. But the bliss of a sheltered lifestyle has a downside for your cat – there is just not as much exciting stuff to meow about.

Luckily you can recreate the thrill of the outdoors without leaving the couch with a few well-picked videos for cats. All you need is a device connected to the internet and a screen protector to keep it scratch-free in case your cat gets too excited.

From mice, squirrels and birds just minding their business in the big outdoors to silly interactive games, we’ve put together a cat filmography that will keep whiskers glued to the screen for hours.

But before we delve into the fun world of bird videos for cats and other feline entertainment, you may be wondering what cats make of the digital world before their eyes.

Do cats like watching videos?

Some videos are particularly designed for cats to watch and enjoy. The aim of these videos for cats is to recreate a slice of the natural world to entertain but also to provide the much-needed visual stimulation that keeps their instincts sharp. The favourite cast includes mice, fish or birds.

We know cats are intrigued by the action unfolding on our screens ever since cat owners started catching their pets staring at the telly. Meanwhile science has caught up and explained away some of the mystery of why cats like watching videos and what do they actually see. It turns out cat vision is limited to only a few colours, predominantly shades of green and blue. The colours they perceive is nowhere near the rich intensity humans can register.

What’s even more interesting is that cats process images at a faster rate than humans. This means that what we see as a continuous moving image is a flickering mess for them. But that’s precisely where the entertainment comes from. It’s not the details that matter to your cat’s viewing preferences, it’s the movement that captures their attention. And these videos for cats have plenty going on to get your cat’s interest.


Mouse videos for cats

A feline’s old nemesis, the mouse, is a clear favourite subject for videos based on the impressive amount of cat views the videos below have accumulated. You can go from four-minute videos for shorter attention spans to hour-long mice extravaganzas for curious cats.

Mouse action

The best mouse solo performance

Mice and birds sharing the screen

Bird videos for cats

Birds can be quite the entertainers for cats. All that flying around will get even the most blas? kitten hyped up. Plus, what feline can resist the constant chirping and wing fluttering in these videos?

The best ensemble bird cast: robins, blackbirds, tits and goldfinches

Birds and squirrel fun bonanza

Squirrel videos for cats

If you already think squirrels are one of the most adorable species to have ever graced the earth, the cuteness in these videos will be almost unbearable. You’ve been warned.

Squirrel delight

Squirrel peek a boo

Squirrels and birds at the forest phone box

Cat games videos

Cats can also get some paws-on action with videos. These cat games involve mice catching, string chasing and following dots on the screen - all part of the feline favourite pastimes. Don’t forget the screen protector!

Popular cat games

Catch mouse

Strings game

Catching fish

The green laser

Next, discover what other cat games you can play together to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise for their general well-being.