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Neutered Cat, Rich in Chicken and Wheat



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  • Designed to help maintain a healthy metabolism after spaying/neutering
  • Bifensis Dry Aqua steril 2Weight control supported by a higher* ratio of protein to fat (*+15% vs Adult formula) when following feeding guide
  • Bifensis Aqua Steril 3Healthy urinary tract promoted by balanced minerals
  • Bifensis Aqua Steril 4Proven to reduce tartar build-up by up to 40%
  • Purina LogoHigh nutrient absorption thanks to high quality ingredients

*Purina research

Sterilisation leads to hormonal changes that can have an impact on metabolism, weight gain and possibly lead to more frequent urinary problems. Purina ONE Sterilcat with Bifensis is a neutered cat food that has formulated with an adapted nutrient profile for neutered/sterilized cats. It has been exclusively designed with adapted protein and fat levels to help keep your neutered cat’s metabolism healthy. It helps your cat to maintain lean muscle mass and manage their body weight. Its formula, with balanced minerals, helps maintain your cat's urinary tract healthy.

Purina vets and nutritionists have developed Purina ONE neutered cat food to support your cat’s health with an increased protein to fat ratio*, helping to manage your neutered cat’s weight. Our cat food for neutered cats also gives your cat all they need to keep her happy and healthy. Our tasty chicken and wheat neutered cat food contains high quality ingredients to ensure your cat gets all the essential nutrients she needs from every meal. High nutrient absorption is promoted by the high quality ingredients used in this Purina ONE formula, and it can help reduce tartar build-up by up to 40% too.

To provide your adult cat with a delicious food that caters to all their needs, try Purina ONE neutered cat food with Bifensis.

(As neutered cats are prone to excessive weight gain, it’s important to regularly monitor their body condition and seek professional, veterinary advice is you suspect they may be overweight.)

Available in: 800g


Analytical constituents:

Protein: 37.0%
Fat content: 13.0%
Crude ash: 7.5%
Crude fibres: 4.0%
Omega 6 fatty acids: 2.0%

Ingredients list:

Chicken (17%), dried poultry protein, wheat (15%), soya meal, maize gluten meal, maize, wheat gluten meal, animal fat, dried beet pulp, dried chicory root, minerals, digest (with added heat treated Lactobacillus Delbrueckii and Fermentum powder 0.025%), yeast.


Vitamin A 36 960 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1 200 IU/kg
Vitamin E 460 IU/kg
Vitamin C 140 mg/kg
Taurine 780 mg/kg


Recommended daily amount (g/day):

Cat weight: Quantity:
2 - 4 kg 30 - 60g
4 - 6 kg 60 - 85g
6 - 8 kg 85 - 115g

The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted to weather conditions, the cat’s level of activity and its physical condition. Clean, fresh drinking water should be available at all times.