Poodle Miniature

Poodle Miniature
  • Category SizeSmall
  • SheddingNone
  • Grooming RequirementsDaily
  • AloneLess than 1 hour
  • Other PetsHigh
  • VocalVocal
  • AllergiesYes
  • Suitability As GuardMedium
  • Dog Group Kennel ClubUtility


The Mini Poodle is a noble-looking dog with a slender muzzle and long neck. The coat is profuse and curly and is often styled. They can be seen in many colours, including blue, grey, silver, brown, apricot and cream. The adult Miniature Poodle is 28-38cm in height and weighs 12-14kg.


The Miniature Poodle dog breed was developed from the Standard Poodle by people who wanted a smaller version of the larger poodle, which was easier to care for and more economical to feed. This size of poodle was known to exist at least 500 years ago. They became well known in circuses due to the fact that they are easy to train and eager to please.


Lively, sociable and affectionate, Miniature Poodles make wonderful companion dogs. They enjoy a busy life and love to be included in all family pursuits. Miniature Poodles adapt to life in more confined quarters as long as they get adequate exercise. They can be good watch dogs, announcing visitors but never being aggressive.


Like many small breeds, the miniature Poodle can suffer from kneecaps that may temporarily slip out of place (luxating patellas). They are also prone to a hip condition and an inherited eye disorder that should be tested for.


This is a fairly active breed that likes to get out on walks and particularly enjoys games. It is a good idea to enrol in some sort of activity so that the mind is stimulated along with the body. Miniature Poodles can do well in obedience, agility and most dog sports.


Small dogs have a fast metabolism, meaning they burn energy at a high rate, although their small stomachs mean that they must eat little and often. Small-breed foods are specifically designed with appropriate levels of key nutrients and smaller kibble sizes to suit smaller mouths. This also encourages chewing and improves digestion.


Miniature Poodles do not shed and are often (though not always) tolerated by allergic people. Their coats do take a great deal of care, though, generally requiring professional grooming, as well as regular combing and brushing at home. The poodle should be taken to a groomer about every six weeks to be clipped, or you can learn how to do it yourself.