How to prepare your cat to welcome your newborn into the house?

Expecting a baby will introduce many changes into your life, especially in the last couple of months leading up to the birth of your child. A new family member will affect your cat’s entourage and daily routine. Be mindful of a few details and keep your cat safe and the interaction between her and your baby harmonious. Make sure your cat doesn’t leave the house throughout your pregnancy to reduce the likelihood of her picking up toxoplasmosis, a disease transmitted chiefly through undercooked meat, or in soil or cat faeces. Toxoplasmosis, if caught by an expectant mother, can cause abortion or birth defects.

As most cats are averse to change, you must start slowly preparing your pet to welcome your newborn, way ahead of your due date. Sudden changes can cause your cat great distress, which is something you should avoid at all costs. You could play sound recordings of babies crying, for example, so that she develops familiarity with that audio. You can also apply some baby skincare cream to your hands before petting your cat.

Once your baby room is ready, give your cat ample time to explore the space and get used to the furniture. If you plan on barring entrance for your cat into the room once your baby is home, equip the door with a small cat door that isn’t large enough for her to enter, but would still allow her to pick up all the different scents and hear what’s going on.

Make a point to have a sanctuary your cat can easily access if she needs to relax or be alone, especially if visitors irritate her.
Don’t be scared to introduce your cat to your baby, for this will help her understand that they are the latest addition to the family. Don’t forget to reward her with delicious treats every time she does something right. Choose Purina, made with real, high-quality ingredients and carefully blended with supreme protein sources and essential nutrients that support balanced nutrition, promote lifelong whole body health, and satisfy your cat.