How to own a cat while having allergies?

Suffering from allergies doesn’t necessarily mean you will never be able to own a pet. We’d like you to know that you’re in luck, as you and the millions of other people who have allergic symptoms that are irritating but not very serious have the option to own a pet. Read on for some of our top tips:

  • Create a room where allergies don’t exist by keeping it off limits for your cat. Use an air purifier and wrap the bed and pillow with hypoallergenic sheets.
  • Have recourse to an air purifier in all rooms of the house and don’t furnish the space with items that pick up a lot of dust and dead hairs from your cat, such as curtains, carpets and stuffed animals.
  • Clean the house thoroughly and regularly in order to remove dust and cat hair.
  • Wash sofa covers, pillows and curtains in hot water twice a week.
  • Give your cat a bath once a week in order to avoid the proliferation of allergy causing cells on her coat. Those cells can be a source of Proteinaceous exudate, coming from your cat’s fat glands or the saliva sticking to her coat when she licks herself.
  • Try to stay away from any source of other allergies that are unrelated to your cat. This will ensure allergic symptoms don’t become unbearable.
  • Ask a specialist about the possibility of taking anti-allergic drugs to alleviate undesirable symptoms.

The process of trying to reduce allergic symptoms caused by your cat will require extra effort on your part. However, your little-spoiled one deserves that investment, for her being part of your life makes you happy. Make sure your cat is content by serving her Purina cat food, made with real, high-quality ingredients and carefully blended with supreme protein sources and essential nutrients that support balanced nutrition, promote lifelong whole body health, and satisfy your cat.