Here’s how to teach your cat tricks

Contrary to common belief, training a cat is possible. However, it doesn’t resemble, in any way, training a dog. Unlike canines, cats don’t care much for praise and aren’t instinctively inclined to cooperate with humans. Teaching your pet some smart tricks isn’t impossible, though. Look through our tips below and try to apply them next time you have some free time on your hands.

  • You should always incentivize your cat if you want her to pick up new tricks. Reward her enthusiastically with treats she likes. Choose something out of the wide selection of Purina cat food, made with real, high-quality ingredients and carefully blended with supreme protein sources and essential nutrients that support balanced nutrition, promote lifelong whole body health, and satisfy your cat.
  • Train your cat to perform one trick at a time and make sure each session doesn’t exceed 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the training multiple times a day and be perseverant.
  • Help your cat associate performing a trick with something positive, such as a treat or the sound of a clicker.
  • Don’t name the action until your cat succeeds at it. This will help her connect the name to the action and perform it again in the future.
  • Wait until your cat picks up a trick before teaching her another.
  • Don’t punish your cat if she fails at performing a trick. Punishment and mistreatment can cause nervousness, which in turn may lead your cat to start behaving oddly.
  • Always remember that patience is key in this process and don’t force your cat to learn a new trick if she doesn’t feel like it.