Getting management on board in three simple steps

We want to help make it simple for you to start making your own workplace pet friendly.

Man with Dog

We believe that all sorts of workplaces can benefit from having pets around - not just offices. Hospitals, schools, dentist's practices and car repairs businesses have all successfully welcomed pets through their doors.

And by taking that first step and approaching your manager, you could be on the way to making your workplace pet friendly.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to broaching the subject with your manager

1. Make yourself familiar with the benefits of bringing pets to work. Your manager might not yet know how pets can improve the mood and boost morale.

2. Anticipate the questions that might come up, and be ready with answers. Check our FAQs for answers to common questions.

3. Read about other companies that have done it, and find out about similar companies who are already pet friendly. Your management will then see that other like-minded businesses already allow pets.

Think you’re ready to ask your manager the question?

A few conversation starters to get things going

1. “Did you know that PURINA® allow staff in most of their offices to bring their pets to work with them?”

2. “I’ve heard having pets around the workplace can help lower stress.”

3. “What would you think about trying out a ‘Bring your Pet to Work Day’ to see how it goes?”

Ready? Now send this article to colleagues who may share your interest in making your workplace pet friendly. The more excitement there is, the more likely you’ll be able to make it happen!

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